How Does Pricing Work For A Professional Cleaning Service?

Giving your home a thorough cleaning can be a time consuming task.  You may be busy with work during the week, and caring for the kids, attending events, and running errands on the weekend, and not have time to maintain the cleanliness of your home.  Leaving it to a professional cleaning service is one of the best things you can do.  Coming in after a long day at work to a beautifully cleaned home is a great feeling and totally worth it.


Every home is different in size and style, so it is impossible for cleaners to have a flat rate.  There are many factors determine the cost of it.  A professional cleaning service will look at how large your home is and how many rooms there are.  They’ll also consider many extra services, like window washing, the inside of your refrigerator, and carpet cleaning.  If you have things lying around the house like toys for kids and hair from shedding pets, that may be factored into the pricing as well.


Another thing to help determine the price of a professional cleaning service is how often you desire them to come.  If your home gets cleaned once a week, this would be a cheaper price per cleaning than if a service came once per month, as the home would likely need more of a cleaning monthly than weekly.


There are many factors that factor into the cost of a professional cleaning service.  Most services will give you your own custom price after discussing with you the details of the services they offer.  They will check out your home, and go through additional services and specifications you desire to have done for your home cleaning.  Chances are, especially if you have a continuously busy schedule, hiring a professional cleaning service is worth your time and money.  It is not good to carry that extra stress, so let a professional take care of it for you!

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