Why Johnson’s Cleaning Service?

When you ultimately decide to hire a professional cleaning service, you may be unsure what to look for in all the different ones.  Some have different options you can choose from and you may not know what makes one stand out above the rest.  Some services stick to residential cleaning, some only offices, and some do both.  Some are large companies who hire staff to go in and do the cleaning, while some are small businesses where the person cleaning your home is also the owner.  While the size and professionalism of the company may not seem to be a huge factor, with a small but passionate and professional company like Johnson’s Cleaning Service, you can be sure you will only receive the best service.Cleaning Service


We at Johnson’s Cleaning Service have been cleaning homes since 1999.  We are a small company based in Cherry Hill, NJ, who will provide you with complete satisfaction.  You may just need a deep cleaning of your home before you move or if you have a special event, or you might want a cleaning service to clean your home on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.  House cleaning can be time consuming, and especially if you work and have children, you simply may not have the time to do it yourself.


Being in business a while has given us great experience.  Our clients have only praised our professionalism and trustworthiness.  We are passionate about serving our customers all over South Jersey and making sure they are satisfied.  We will happily work around any special instructions you give us when cleaning your home.  Contact Johnson’s Cleaning Service today for a free estimate.

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