Determining the price to clean your home is dependent on a variety of factors.  Not only do we take into account the size and amount of rooms in your home, but we also go through many services we offer that you ahem the option of having done or not, leaving you in control.  We provide many traditional cleaning services, and feature additional options you can select, as well as how often you want your home cleaned.

House cleaning service in South Jersey

House cleaning service in South Jersey

In your kitchen, we will clean your counter tops, sink, counter top appliances, and the cabinets.  We will then wipe down the exterior of your refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher.  To finish off the kitchen, your floor will be swept and cleaned.  Additional services within the kitchen we provide would be cleaning the inside of your oven and your refrigerator.  At just a small extra cost, these extra services can save you a lot of time from doing it yourself.

In all of the bathrooms in your house, the toilet, tub/shower, sink, counter tops, and mirrors will be cleaned and disinfected.  We will move to the rest of the house.  In the other rooms, we will clean off furniture, shelves, picture frames and displays, and tables and nightstands.  We will also change the linens on the beds in the bedrooms, allowing you to enjoy the fresh sheets.

Around your entire home, we will dust everything, remove cobwebs, and take out the trash.  All of your floors will be mopped, swept, and vacuumed.  We will wipe down all the mirrors, doors, and other chrome objects.  Some additional services we offer is washing the interior and exterior of your windows, vacuum the furniture, remove any mold or mildew, and wax your floors.  Anything else specific you would like done we may be able to do as well.

These are all standard cleaning services we offer in residential homes.  If there are any specific services you want done or things you do not need, we can take that into account.  Once you determine how often you would like your home to be cleaned, we can use that, the amount of rooms and bathrooms, and all the services you want done to determine an accurate price for you.  We can clean your home at a certain time every week or few weeks, or complete a one time cleaning for a special event you may be hosting.  Our goal is to make your home as clean as possible to where your family and guests notice how spotless and tidy it is.  Call Johnson’s Cleaning Service today for a free estimate to discuss your home and services you want.

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