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Spring is finally here and temperatures slowly rising, the urge to fling open doors and windows in order to let that fresh air in is strong. But, the coming of warmer weather and fresh air also brings rain. Flinging open doors and windows is an invitation for mud, pollen, and other things to settle on your floors and tables. Now is the time when you need some help from a house cleaning service whether you are looking for a one time cleaning or something more permanent. Johnson’s Cleaning Service is the professional residential cleaning service to turn to in the Cherry Hill area having provided service here since 1999.

Residential Cleaning Service with a Great Reputation in Cherry Hill

The experienced and bonded staff at Johnson’s will treat your home with respect. This team of professionals is passionate about their work. You can rest easy knowing that they will arrive on time, every time. Each staff member is dedicated to giving your home their full attention. This passion and attention to detail is a hallmark of the company that sets them apart from others. They will provide you with superior service and give your home an unparalleled sparkle while giving you a much needed break from the stress of housecleaning.

The Residential Cleaning Professionals for a Clean You Can Feel

Johnson’s Cleaning Service offers a wide range of service options including weekly/biweekly cleaning, moving in or out cleaning, one time cleaning, office cleaning, and cleaning for special occasions. Johnson’s is ready to work with you every step of the way because they understand that your time is important. They provide general cleaning and dusting for every room in your house including deep cleaning and sanitizing of your bathrooms. All of your possessions will be tenderly handled as they move from room to room ridding your home of dust and allergens. Also, they offer extra cleaning services such as windows,refrigerator, oven, and vacuuming your furniture. Johnson’s will happily provide you with a free estimate for these services. If what you want in a cleaning service is a company you can depend on and trust, then Johnson’s Cleaning Service is the right fit for you. Call today for a free estimate. 856-382-7534

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How Does Pricing Work For A Professional Cleaning Service?

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Giving your home a thorough cleaning can be a time consuming task.  You may be busy with work during the week, and caring for the kids, attending events, and running errands on the weekend, and not have time to maintain the cleanliness of your home.  Leaving it to a professional cleaning service is one of the best things you can do.  Coming in after a long day at work to a beautifully cleaned home is a great feeling and totally worth it.


Every home is different in size and style, so it is impossible for cleaners to have a flat rate.  There are many factors determine the cost of it.  A professional cleaning service will look at how large your home is and how many rooms there are.  They’ll also consider many extra services, like window washing, the inside of your refrigerator, and carpet cleaning.  If you have things lying around the house like toys for kids and hair from shedding pets, that may be factored into the pricing as well.


Another thing to help determine the price of a professional cleaning service is how often you desire them to come.  If your home gets cleaned once a week, this would be a cheaper price per cleaning than if a service came once per month, as the home would likely need more of a cleaning monthly than weekly.


There are many factors that factor into the cost of a professional cleaning service.  Most services will give you your own custom price after discussing with you the details of the services they offer.  They will check out your home, and go through additional services and specifications you desire to have done for your home cleaning.  Chances are, especially if you have a continuously busy schedule, hiring a professional cleaning service is worth your time and money.  It is not good to carry that extra stress, so let a professional take care of it for you!

Alternative Uses For Baking Soda & Listerine

Posted by Andrew Mazer

Many items in your home are some of the best things to use to clean areas of your house.  You could spend a lot of money on particular chemicals, when most of the cleaning agents are already right there.  Two popular cleaning substances you can use are Baking Soda and Listerine mouthwash.  Both of these have ingredients in them to make them efficient for making your home look nice and fresh.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a naturally occurring compound.  As a base, baking soda neutralizes acidic products.  Stirring a teaspoon into a glass of water makes it a great antacid.  It also works as a teeth whitener, by adding a bit into your toothpaste occasionally.  Throw some baking soda into your laundry detergent to balance out the pH level while washing clothes, and even use some under your arms like you would with baby powder, as it blocks odors from your body.  You can also use it as a soft scrubbing cleanser.  Baking soda is a great deodorizer and has many uses around your house.

Listerine is a common product people keep in their bathrooms to use after brushing their teeth.  If Listerine mouthwash can kill most of the germs in your mouth, it can kill most of them outside your mouth as well.  Since it’s in your bathroom already, pour some in your toilet and sweep the brush around to freshen it up.  You can also use it around your sink and shower too as it it is a cleaner for mold and mildew.  Use a cotton ball to rub some on your feet or under your arms if they are creating odors.  While it may sting some, the alcohol in Listerine helps to clean out cuts you may have.  Pour some over a paper towel or two and stick it in the bottom of your trash can to help cover up some of the smell it may have.  It won’t be as bad opening the lid to throw stuff away either.

Baking soda and Listerine mouthwash are just two of many items in your home that can help freshen and clean up your home.  Many of these pro-tips can make a huge difference, and do not take longer than just a few minutes to do.  Rarely would you even need to spend additional money because these items are so common in households for their main purpose.  Baking soda and Listerine are just two of the many items sitting around in your home have fantastic alternative uses.

Simple Household Cleaning Tips: Cast Iron Care & Maintenance

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Cast iron skillets are a staple in many household kitchens, often passed down for generations.  They are great for cooking with, but need special care to maintain their quality.  Many issues people have with cast iron skillet is rusting.  While it may look damaged and unrepairable, it is quite easy to get rid of the rust.  Start by scrubbing the rusted areas with steel wool.  After getting some of it up, put a coating of oil on the surface of the pan, then put it in the oven around 450 degrees for 30-60 minutes.  After repeating as needed, your pan will be pitch black and ready to use again.

A cast iron skillet should never be placed in the dishwasher or left to soak in water.  Doing this will cause it to rust, and you will have to get rid of the rust.  The pan will also lose much of its seasoning.  To clean cast iron, you just need hot water and a little bit of dish soap.  Popular to contrary belief, a little bit of dish soap is not harmful to your seasoned pan as soaps are much softer now than they used to be.  After washing it, wipe it down and put it over low heat to dry it.  After the pan is dry, rub a paper towel dipped in oil all over the inside of the pan, and keep it over the low heat for a minute or two.  This will help keep the seasoning in the pan.  Store your cast iron skillet in a dry place.

Cats iron is common in many peoples kitchens, especially those who enjoy cooking.  These pans will last many years if they are properly taken care of.  Just like cleaning cast iron skillets, there are many household cleaning tips that can make parts of your home better than ever in just a few minutes.  There are many tricks and pro-tips that will help you get these done.  Check out our previous tips on how to clean stove grates, dish sponges, and even stainless steel!


Simple, Quick, and Easy Household Cleaning Tips

Posted by Andrew Mazer

Continuing with our simple, quick, and efficient household cleaning tips, we have some more tricks to maintain cleanliness and freshness of your home that can be done in just a few minutes. Cleaning your home can be very time consuming, especially if you work all day and have to care for kids in the evening. There are some easy tricks though you can do to help keep parts of your home clean that are simpler than you would believe. The following tips focus on the stove top as that is one of the most used appliances in the home.


Especially for families that cook a lot, the stove grates can get covered in grease and oil. This does not look good and it is very tough to clean off. Most people cover rags with grease while trying to scrub them clean, or load them in the dishwasher, which helps but doesn’t always seem like all the grease is off. If you have large ziploc bags and regular ammonia, you can clean them better than ever. Simply put 1/4 cup of ammonia in the ziploc bag with the grates, and let them sit overnight. There’s no need to soak them in ammonia; the fumes from it will break down the oils and grease, allowing you to wipe it off easier than ever and leaving them look brand new.


If you have wood furniture in your home, you have probably noticed after putting hot food down or a heated beverage, white marks begin to appear on the wood. You may begin to worry as the wood looks damaged and unrep When condensation, usually from steam, gets under the finish, white spots begin to appear on the wood. The only things you need are some linen napkins or a cotton towel, and an iron, to get rid of the marks. Put the towel down, turn the iron on medium and the steam setting on. After moving the iron around on the cloth for a minute or two, you will see the white marks disappear. When you’re done, apply a light coating of olive oil for the finish, and your wooden furniture will look good as new.


Parts of your home that initially looks severely damaged or very disgusting can easily be fixed. There are so many Pro Tips and little household cleaning agents that can fix almost anything. These two tricks are important for everyone, as most people use the stove and have some kind of wooden furniture in their home. Don’t spend a fortune having a furniture repair man come out, or cover your sink and dishwasher with grease trying to clean the stove grates; these simple tricks can save you a lot of money and time.

Simple and Easy Household Cleaning Tips

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A clean home can make the biggest difference, with your house looking and smelling fresh and clean, as well as eliminating germs that can get people sick.  Periodically cleaning the floors, countertops, mirrors, and bathrooms, is vital to keeping your home clean and fresh, there are many pro tips you can do in just a couple minutes to keep it even healthier.  In our blog series last week, we talked about how to clean dish sponges and irons, as both of these can contain a great amount of germs that could make people sick.


Most kitchen sinks have a garbage disposal.  These machines are great for disposing of the little bit of food waste from dirty dishes and cooking.  The problem is that the blades eventually become dull, and bad odors can be created from food becoming lodged under the blades.  There are some tricks you can do to help mask the odors, but it can come back relatively quick.  The best homemade solution for your garbage disposal is ice, vinegar, and lemons.  Freezing an ice tray with water, vinegar, and lemon rinds, you can then put it in the disposal.  The ice will sharpen blades and help remove food stuck around them, the vinegar will clean the surfaces, and the lemon will create a fresh scent.


Bathroom towels begin to generate a mildew stink over time.  They can also have that smell if you left them in the washer too long before moving them to the dryer.  Luckily there is a quick and easy way to fix this gross smell.  Simply put them in the washer with no detergent at all, and wash them on the hot cycle with one cup of white vinegar.  If your towels are really bad, wash them a second time before putting them in the dryer, but instead of vinegar, use half a cup of baking soda.  This technique can be done with any clothing that retained a mildew smell as well and can easily bring back that pleasant fresh smell.



There are tons of simple house cleaning tips that many people do not know about.  Maintaining the cleanliness of your home is beyond the obvious things that need to be cleaned.  Luckily, many of these pro tips can be done in an extremely short time.  Especially in the winter time when germs and viruses are spreading, it’s important to keep your home as clean as you can.

Simple, Quick, and Easy Household Cleaning Tips

Posted by Andrew Mazer

When cleaning your home, typically you will get all the floors, counter tops and tables, toilets, showers, and sinks.  You will use chemicals such as bleach, wood polisher, and glass cleaner.  While these are all things that need to be cleaned and disinfected periodically to ensure your home looks nice and you do not get sick, there are also other things you can do that many people do not think of.  We are going to start a series of a wide variety of quick and easy things to do around your home to keep it healthy.


Dish sponges are a central hub for bacteria. Don't throw your sponges away, you can kill the bacteria in just a couple minutes!

Dish sponges are a central hub for bacteria. Don’t throw your sponges away, you can kill the bacteria in just a couple minutes!

Dish sponges are one of the most germ central items in your home.  The sponges come in contact with dishes, silverware, and your sink.  They are left near the sink and remain moist until they are dry.  They collect germs, can grow mold, and even be a host for the eggs of fruit flies.  Instead of throwing your it away, simply put the wet sponge in the microwave for about a couple minutes on high.  The bacteria will sizzle away, and your sponge will be germ free.


Do you iron a lot of your clothes?  Has your iron just been sitting int he closet for a long time?  Over time your iron will get dirty, collecting dirt and grime.  Cleaning an iron is not something everyone thinks about, but it is actually very easy.  Simply place a cotton towel on the ironing board, and sprinkle coarse salt onto the towel.  Turn the steam setting off and the temperature on high.  Gently iron the surface by pressing it onto the salt.  After going over it a few times, the dirt will be sticking to the salt, leaving your iron sparkling clean.


These are just two simple, quick, and easy household cleaning tips.  These kinds of things can be done in just a couple minutes, and can add to the cleanliness of your home.  You don’t want unnecessary germs sitting around that can give you a cold.  Take these simple steps into removing them.

Johnson’s Home Cleaning Service is based in Cherry Hill.  Our office is located at 383 North Kings Highway.  We provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning in houses in Cherry Hill and all the surrounding towns in South Jersey.

Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips

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Stainless steel can be one of the biggest pains to clean.  The material has to be cleaned a proper way, or you are left with streaks and very noticeable marks that do not make your stainless steel appliances look as good.  Some chemicals to clean steel are very expensive and are stronger than many other cleaning products, potentially making you hesitant about them if you have small children in the house.
When cleaning stainless steel, whether it is an appliance or just some pots and pans, you have to actually clean it first, and then polish it to remove the streaks.  Cleaning begins with a rag and a mild detergent, such as a little bit of dish soap.  It is important to not use wool or a rough towel; the scrubber should say ‘non-scratch’.  Scratches cost more than pocket change to fix. Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips


After cleaning the stainless steel, the next step is to polish it.  Cleaning it will leave streaks, so it is important to properly get rid of them.  Some appliances streak more than others, so if one method does not work, you can try another.  Using a microfiber rag or paper towel, you can use olive oil, baby oil, or glass cleaner to polish it, then use the other side of the rag to buff away the excess polish.


To clean your stainless steel sink, like appliances, you should not use wool or any other scrubber that may scratch your sink.  To properly clean your sink, sprinkle some baking soda in the dry sink, then use a damp sponge to rub it around the whole thing.  Once it is scrubbed, pour some white vinegar into it, then rinse and dry after the bubbles have gone away.


Cleaning your stainless steel appliances, sink, and pots and pans is really simple if you follow the correct procedure.  Many people try different methods and end up harming their appliances.  Following these easy steps will make the stainless steel in your kitchen look good as new.


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Why Johnson’s Cleaning Service?

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When you ultimately decide to hire a professional cleaning service, you may be unsure what to look for in all the different ones.  Some have different options you can choose from and you may not know what makes one stand out above the rest.  Some services stick to residential cleaning, some only offices, and some do both.  Some are large companies who hire staff to go in and do the cleaning, while some are small businesses where the person cleaning your home is also the owner.  While the size and professionalism of the company may not seem to be a huge factor, with a small but passionate and professional company like Johnson’s Cleaning Service, you can be sure you will only receive the best service.Cleaning Service


We at Johnson’s Cleaning Service have been cleaning homes since 1999.  We are a small company based in Cherry Hill, NJ, who will provide you with complete satisfaction.  You may just need a deep cleaning of your home before you move or if you have a special event, or you might want a cleaning service to clean your home on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.  House cleaning can be time consuming, and especially if you work and have children, you simply may not have the time to do it yourself.


Being in business a while has given us great experience.  Our clients have only praised our professionalism and trustworthiness.  We are passionate about serving our customers all over South Jersey and making sure they are satisfied.  We will happily work around any special instructions you give us when cleaning your home.  Contact Johnson’s Cleaning Service today for a free estimate.

Our Procedure For Cleaning Your Home

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We at Johnson’s Cleaning Service take pride in our work.  Our goal is to thoroughly clean your home, and bring out its beauty and elegance.  We follow careful procedures in all of the rooms of your house to make sure we have every area covered and looking good, many areas you would not think of to clean yourself but can actually make a huge difference.

South Jersey Cleaning ServiceIn all the rooms of your home, we will carefully dust the picture frames, lights, woodwork, end tables, shelves, and chairs.  We will finish off by vacuuming the carpets or sweeping the floors.  In the kitchen, all of the counter tops, appliances, tables and chairs will be cleaned.  We’ll make sure to clean out the exterior of your fridge, and the outside and inside of your microwave.  The bathrooms will be totally sanitized, with the toilets, sinks, faucets, and showers deeply cleaned.  In all the bedrooms, we will even change the bed sheets so you can enjoy fresh linens.

At Johnson’s Cleaning Service, we offer additional services provided at a small extra cost.  We can clean the inside of your refrigerator, inside your oven, and wash both sides of all the windows in your house.

If you are looking for a trustworthy, affordable, and friendly cleaning service who always goes above and beyond to make your home look beautiful, contact Johnson’s Cleaning Service today.  We will happily provide you with an estimate.  We are passionate about serving our clients with general cleaning and housekeeping.