Simple, Quick, and Easy Household Cleaning Tips

When cleaning your home, typically you will get all the floors, counter tops and tables, toilets, showers, and sinks.  You will use chemicals such as bleach, wood polisher, and glass cleaner.  While these are all things that need to be cleaned and disinfected periodically to ensure your home looks nice and you do not get sick, there are also other things you can do that many people do not think of.  We are going to start a series of a wide variety of quick and easy things to do around your home to keep it healthy.


Dish sponges are a central hub for bacteria. Don't throw your sponges away, you can kill the bacteria in just a couple minutes!

Dish sponges are a central hub for bacteria. Don’t throw your sponges away, you can kill the bacteria in just a couple minutes!

Dish sponges are one of the most germ central items in your home.  The sponges come in contact with dishes, silverware, and your sink.  They are left near the sink and remain moist until they are dry.  They collect germs, can grow mold, and even be a host for the eggs of fruit flies.  Instead of throwing your it away, simply put the wet sponge in the microwave for about a couple minutes on high.  The bacteria will sizzle away, and your sponge will be germ free.


Do you iron a lot of your clothes?  Has your iron just been sitting int he closet for a long time?  Over time your iron will get dirty, collecting dirt and grime.  Cleaning an iron is not something everyone thinks about, but it is actually very easy.  Simply place a cotton towel on the ironing board, and sprinkle coarse salt onto the towel.  Turn the steam setting off and the temperature on high.  Gently iron the surface by pressing it onto the salt.  After going over it a few times, the dirt will be sticking to the salt, leaving your iron sparkling clean.


These are just two simple, quick, and easy household cleaning tips.  These kinds of things can be done in just a couple minutes, and can add to the cleanliness of your home.  You don’t want unnecessary germs sitting around that can give you a cold.  Take these simple steps into removing them.

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