Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips

Stainless steel can be one of the biggest pains to clean.  The material has to be cleaned a proper way, or you are left with streaks and very noticeable marks that do not make your stainless steel appliances look as good.  Some chemicals to clean steel are very expensive and are stronger than many other cleaning products, potentially making you hesitant about them if you have small children in the house.
When cleaning stainless steel, whether it is an appliance or just some pots and pans, you have to actually clean it first, and then polish it to remove the streaks.  Cleaning begins with a rag and a mild detergent, such as a little bit of dish soap.  It is important to not use wool or a rough towel; the scrubber should say ‘non-scratch’.  Scratches cost more than pocket change to fix. Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips


After cleaning the stainless steel, the next step is to polish it.  Cleaning it will leave streaks, so it is important to properly get rid of them.  Some appliances streak more than others, so if one method does not work, you can try another.  Using a microfiber rag or paper towel, you can use olive oil, baby oil, or glass cleaner to polish it, then use the other side of the rag to buff away the excess polish.


To clean your stainless steel sink, like appliances, you should not use wool or any other scrubber that may scratch your sink.  To properly clean your sink, sprinkle some baking soda in the dry sink, then use a damp sponge to rub it around the whole thing.  Once it is scrubbed, pour some white vinegar into it, then rinse and dry after the bubbles have gone away.


Cleaning your stainless steel appliances, sink, and pots and pans is really simple if you follow the correct procedure.  Many people try different methods and end up harming their appliances.  Following these easy steps will make the stainless steel in your kitchen look good as new.


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